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Scattered Seeds Greenhouse

What is Greenhouse?

This is so exciting! Scattered Seeds Greenhouse is a digital branch of Scattered Seeds Creative Arts that extends right into your home. We want to make sure we're always bringing Scattered Seeds experiences straight to you.

How does this work?

We bring creative content straight to you. That means conversations with creatives from all different fields and perspectives talking about their processes — from graphic design, to dancers, to journalists, musicians, teachers, to printmakers and biologists — all with the intention of inspiring you. We're developing creative practices with journal prompts, videos, suggestions for films and music and books in addition to classes, workshops and — now! — lessons (in vocal, guitar and piano).

Okay, but how does

this actually work?

Zoom Calls! A nifty website called FlipGrid, at-home activities and projects! Plus, a Scattered Seeds kit which you’ll receive and includes everything a creator might need for one of our classes or camps! If you have specific questions about this, drop us a message right here.

What else is there?

We try to cultivate an environment where you can create your best work. Whether you're 5 or 105, we want to give you space to thrive and spark inspiration for you. That's what Greenhouse is all about, creating community and tilling good soil for creativity to flourish just like we would in-person.

So how do I sign-up?

Just like you would a regular Scattered Seeds class or workshop,

register for upcoming sessions on our website.

For everything else, interviews with creatives, weekly practices, stack suggestions (film, book and music) are all available to everyone at any time.

This is a challenging season for everyone, especially for art-based communities. So, if you’re inspired by what we’re doing and you’re able to support us in this endeavor, you can go right here.

Classes + Workshops

Camps + Classes + Workshops

Dreaming up new ways to learn.

We've created all sorts of energetic, high-energy sessions for one-shot workshops and season-long classes for during school hours or after!


Conversations + Practices

Chatting about art, seasons of life and all the days between.

Monthly interviews with creatives, makers and artists from a huge spectrum of fields talking about their work, their practices, and -- maybe, most importantly -- how they deal with roadblocks and creative dryness. How they integrate them into their daily life. Plus, space for you to respond, share, and join the conversation!

The Stacks

The Stacks

Review of music spun, books read, films viewed and what you should check out, too.

Suggestions of ways to fuel your creativity and develop good soil in your life for creativity. Here are some handpicked selections to check out!

Sift Through The Stacks Soon!
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