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April Update 〰️ Creatives, Cultivators, Collaborators

Dear Creatives, Cultivators and Collaborators —

Break out the soil, the seed packets and the sunshine. We're finally in Spring! That means a whole new set go classes lined up for April through June. Come partner with us!

We're continuing with our current online classes but are so thrilled to say we will also be back in-person! We have some exciting (COVID-safe) classes both at Abington Art Center and New Life Glenside.

Join us for mini 4-week sessions at Abington Art Center in Theater and Musical Theater along with a special Homeschool session (in the afternoons from 1-2:30pm).

We're also partnering with New Life Glenside for an in-person Acting for the Stage class beginning April 6 with a first class that's afree workshop! This is perfect for student-actors that want to try it out before diving in. Come join us!

And now, it's time for a . . . Summer Camp Preview!

Being online is cool, but getting outside and stretching your legs and breathing some fresh air together, while being safe is cool too. We're collaborating with Valley Christian School and New Life Glenside to bring you in-person indoor-outdoor COVID-safe camps this summer!

In other news, we've been having great conversations with artists and creatives over here! Check out our latest talks with Texas-based Fine Artist, Marcus Clarke and classically-trained pianist, Sawyer Whitted right here at the Scattered Seeds Journal.

Give us a hand and share it forward to someone you know. The most exciting part is that campers / students don't even have to be local to the Philadelphia region to take part with us! Onward and upward! — Scattered Seeds Fam 🚩



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