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Greenhouse Conversations 〰️ Jan Powers, June 2020

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Greenhouse Conversations No.1 with Jan Powers of HenBit Art. We're talking nature, clocks and being a better encourager to artists.

Our first ever Greenhouse Conversation comes just in time for the start of summer (in less than a week)! ✨ We hope you enjoy this conversation with acrylic artist, Jan Powers, talking about her work and practices and getting a new lease on life.

Jan is a maker whose art can be used on the daily in the home. Trays, tea boxes, clocks, vases, beautiful objects. An intersection of art and function. She's also a well of wisdom. We enjoyed talking with her so much. We love that she got her start on art later in her life and now has found so much enjoyment in it.

Here are the places where you can find more of Jan's art. Make sure you give her a follow:

Instagram: @henbitart

Facebook: HenBit Art

Etsy: HenBit Art

Jan: "What else do I do besides drink coffee? (Laughs) . . . [In my day] I like to have space so that I'm free to respond to people in my life. I like having the freedom if someone has a need or an opportunity comes up or I get together with a couple of my friends. It's hard to keep that in my routine. It's costly. I have things to do. I have errands to run . . . and so, I really make a point of keeping that in my life cause I feel like it's centering and it's just important to celebrate life together when there's things to celebrate and to mourn when there's things to mourn."
Jan: "[Creating] has made me more sensitive to other artists. To be inquisitive and curious, even if it's an art form that I don't resonate with exactly. To just kind of spend the time to stop and think this person took time to create this thing. Allow them to express back to me why they created what they did and their process. When someone does that with me, it's amazing. Even if they don't absolutely love everything I've done or love something that they're looking at, the fact that they're interested is just so encouraging."
Jan's Film / Book Suggestions: Just Mercy (2019, d. Daniel Deston Cretton) and Just Mercy (by Bryan Stevenson) and How To Be Anti-Racist (by Ibram X. Kendi)

We encourage you to watch our whole interview with Jan! Or pop it on in the background while you journal or cook a meal or weed a garden or clean your windows or mow the lawn. Share it with someone else and we hope it inspires you a bit this month!

Share your thoughts on the conversation down below!

— Scattered Seeds Fam 😎



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