Greenhouse Conversations 〰️ Sawyer Whitted, February 2021

Greenhouse Conversations No.3 with Sawyer Whitted. We're talking vulnerability, the Enneagram and caring for others through your art.

Our third Greenhouse Conversation comes smack dab in the middle of winter ! ✨ We hope you've been making time to create and we hope you enjoy this conversation with musician, music educator and Enneagram Coach, Sawyer Whitted, talking about his love of psychology, his music practices, and redeeming the word 'discipline.'

A musician and music educator at heart, Sawyer has been on a journey of music exploration. Now, he's pursuing a Master's degree in Music Theory and Composition and branching out into new ventures. If you watch our interview, you'll hear Sawyer talk about another one of his passions, the Enneagram. Since our interview back in May of 2020, Sawyer has become a certified Enneagram coach. If this sounds interesting to you, check out more information right here!

Here are the places where you can find more of Sawyer's art. Make sure you give him a follow:

Instagram: @sawyerwhitted

Facebook: Whitted Piano Studio

Website: Whitted Piano Studio

Sawyer: "I can turn to piano and I can care for myself really well and through piano I can care for others as well. Through music, I can love on other people. So, for me, music is like the perfect way for me to be able to both acknowledge my own needs . . . and also acknowledge the needs of others . . ."
Original handwritten music for "Heroic Polonaise" in A-flat major, Op. 53 by Frederic Chopin
Sawyer: "As you pour out your art, it comes back to you through the people that you love and care about — even random strangers. You still get feedback and it's this whole process of growing and changing and it's just really beautiful. There's really nothing like it."