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Winter 2021 〰️ An Update

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

If there's one thing we've learned . . .

It's that we need community. In the midst of the ongoing COVID-frenzy, there are nuggets of true human connection. We've been so enjoying our time in classes and workshops this Fall with students, making up scenes, brainstorming, dancing it all out and sharing those moments of communal connection.

We meet weekly for energetic online Zoom sessions, playing games, filming scenes and creating some pretty unique moments. Head on over to to check out what we're cooking up for our Winter 2021 classes in Theater, Musical Theater, Creative Expressions and Screenwriting!

We're still designing special creative workshops for PODS both in-person socially-distanced and online. (If you're part of a learning POD and would like to learn more about our this opportunity, send us an email!).

Last but not least, give us a hand and share it forward to someone you think might love to get involved! The most exciting part is that they don't even have to be local to the Philadelphia region to take part in what we're offering!

Onward and upward!

— Scattered Seeds Fam 🌿



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