Okay. So here's the Dream. From the beginning.

Back in the years between 2006-2009, we staged an arts show and gallery called Imagine. Among this group of homeschoolers, we assembled a variety-show of sorts - everything from musical numbers to art galleries to magic to vocal performances and short scenes. It became the soil from which poured forth this dream to start a place where this happens all the time.

They say dream big!

We've had so much we've been dreaming about for so long and we'd love for you to be a part of that. 

We're building Scattered Seeds from the ground up and we want it to be a thriving community right in the heart of Abington, North of Philadelphia. A community where we create spaces for art to happen in all its forms with anyone who wants to be involved. With gathering places for community meals and coffee. We envision theater classes and a season of performances, we want dance classes and art classes and music lessons. Year-long art projects. Film premieres and open mics every month.


Classes + Workshops + Lessons

Dreaming up new ways to learn.

One of our favorite times of year is Summer — Camp Season (as we like to call it around here). But just because we can't meet in-person, doesn't mean we can't fill days with exciting Camp activities. 



Chatting about art, seasons of life and all the days between.

Monthly interviews with creatives, makers and artists from a huge spectrum of fields talking about their work, their practices, and how they integrate them into their daily life. Plus, space for you to respond, share, and join the conversation!


The Stacks

Monthly review of music spun, books read, films viewed and what you should check out, too.

This is so exciting! Scattered Seeds Greenhouse is a branch of Scattered Seeds Creative Arts that extends right into your home. Especially now during this state-wide stay-at-home order, we want to make sure we're bringing classes, workshops and experiences straight to you. But get ready, because Scattered Seeds Greenhouse is so much more!